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January 26, 2012

A Revealing Exchange of Emails

A couple of years ago I came across a comment made on line by an American university professor who teaches evolutionary biology that suggested he might be receptive to my idea linking cancer with the evolution of complex animals.

As has been my practice in recent years, I sent Professor X a complimentary copy of Cancer Selection. I don’t usually attempt further contact with recipients of my gift books, but in this case I did send him an email, a few months after I had sent him the book.

In response to something Professor X had posted on line I reminded Professor X that I had sent him a book and tried to elicit a positive response by including in the body of my email the argument I make in Chapter Five but using a slightly different approach. It is identical to the approach I later used in my 2011 talk to researchers at UCSF.

Here’s the argument I made in the email to Professor X: I claimed that there are certain “mega facts” regarding the history of Bilaterians, facts that all evolutionist would consider indisputable, facts that demand a mechanistic explanation, one not offered by accepted theory.

Fact 1. No Bilaterian animal that bred died as a juvenile. This is a tautological certainty: juveniles, by definition, cannot engage in the reproductive act, therefore all animals that engaged in reproduction lived long enough to reach adulthood.