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June 21, 2016

On the Matter of Citations

Based on the number of page views they have attracted and the nature of their content, I think it possible that certain of my postings (such as those listed below) could lead others to write, and to have published, amplifying papers including, possibly, reports of research prompted by something they read here.

Starfish Secrets: Did Echinoderms Cure Cancer?

Cephalopod Secrets

Cancer Discovered in Hydra?

Do Naked Mole Rats Confirm That Senescence is a Cancer Defense?

On The Cambrian Explosion

Pediatric Cancers: Their Evolutionary Significance

On Peto's Paradox

Although I am not planning any further attempts at publication in journals I think it would be unfair not to recognize any role my writings may have played regardless of where they appeared. 

Some of my postings are amplifications of ideas appearing in my book and/or in either of my two Journal of Theoretical Biology Letters. If those postings were the basis for a publication a citation similar in form to those now listed at Google Scholar would be appropriate.

For those postings (such as Starfish Secrets) which appear exclusively on this site, if a journal editor does not allow citations of an on-line publication but does permit those of a "Private Communication" from a published author, upon request I could arrange to forward a relevant message.